Bipartisan legislation to extend online gambling advances

The NJ Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee has unanimously advanced NJ Sen. Vince Polistina’s (R-02) bill to continue online gaming.

“The legalization of online gambling and sports betting served as a catalyst for casinos that were facing difficulties in the aftermath of the Great Recession,” stated Polistina in a press statement. “Internet gaming in locations such as Atlantic City has not only Jeetbuzz online provided well-compensated employment opportunities for workers, but also contributed significantly to the state’s tax revenues, amounting to millions of dollars.”

The bipartisan bill S-3075, co-authored by Assistant Majority Leader James Beach (D-06), modifies the current authorization and prolongs it for another 10 years, concluding in 2033.

Polistina stated that the legislation aims to prolong the permission for online gaming services until 2033 in order to guarantee stability in the gambling business.

Online casino gaming was officially sanctioned in 2013 and granted permission for a duration of 10 years, which is scheduled to end in November. Over the past decade, the legalization of internet gambling in New Jersey has resulted in substantial economic expansion, the creation of jobs, and the promotion of responsible gaming among both residents and tourists.

“Internet gaming has ensured that New Jersey remains at the forefront of a constantly changing gambling industry,” Polistina noted. “This extension acknowledges the crucial role that the internet plays in influencing the present and future prosperity of casinos in New Jersey.”

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